20 HR Dissertation Topics That Disclose the Main Issues in This Sphere

HR Dissertation Topics

You have never felt so baffled or overwhelmed as you do at the moment? Have to choose an HR dissertation topic for your paper? It could be the most important decision of your academic career. The choice of an HR thesis topic sets the course for your entire paper, so it should not be chosen lightly. Complicating things even further, the HR field is quite large, which encompasses many smaller disciplines. Which of these should you focus on?

In addition, you want your dissertation topic to be relevant and interesting. After all, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time researching and writing about this topic! It has to be a topic that captivates your attention, ideally an issue that you believe you will wrestle with in your professional life. As such, you should pick a hot-button issue that gets to the core of the problems facing Human Resource professionals every day. Issues around fair pay, diversity, employee happiness, and productivity are all highly relevant and engaging in today’s world.

To give you some direction and a place to start, we’ve provided some possible HR dissertation topics. Feel free to use any of them as a starting point and tweak them to better make up your own ideas or specific requirements of your coursework.

  1. How to Bring about Change in an Organization
  2. The Role of Labor Unions and Professional Associations
  3. Strategies to Increase Motivation among Part-Time Workers
  4. How to Balance the Needs of Different Kinds of Employees in an Organization
  5. How Employee Negotiations Can Affect Management Decisions
  6. Budgetary Effects of Professional Development
  7. Theory vs. Practice in Human Resources
  8. Job Satisfaction in Workplaces Requiring Repetitive Tasks
  9. Different Human Resource Models, Their “Pros and Cons”
  10. How Part-Time Employees Affect Workplace Productivity
  11. How to Ease the Transition for Workers During Times of Organizational Change
  12. The Negative Aspects of Human Resource Work
  13. Different Models of Absence Management
  14. Practical Methods for Increasing Employee Productivity
  15. A Manager’s Role in Human Resource Policies
  16. The Treatment of Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the Retail Industry
  17. What Constitutes Fair Treatment of Employees?
  18. The Role of Scientific Management in HR
  19. How to Ethically Maintain Workplace Diversity
  20. How to Align Recruitment Procedures with the Larger Objectives of an Organization

There’s no need to feel daunted or overwhelmed when writing your HR dissertation. There are so many intriguing directions in which you can go: case studies, comparing a real organization to current research, or just doing a study of contemporary literature on a subject. A great paper will combine real life situations with theory and research. Sometimes, the hardest and most important task is simply choosing the right topic. Once you have a relevant and engaging issue to talk about, you will be able to fly through the research, planning, and writing with confidence to craft a paper that will serve as the foundation for a spectacular career.

20 HR Dissertation Topics That Disclose the Main Issues in This Sphere
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