20 Linguistics Thesis Topics to Amaze Every Single Person in Class

Linguistics Thesis Topics

The choice of just the right topic for your linguistics thesis can make the difference between a brilliantly executed work of genius or several pages of pointless rambling.

The topic will ease the crafting process of your thesis statement. Moreover, it will guide the entire process of writing the paper, so it has to be a good one.

If only you could come up with a suitably amazing topic. The good news is that we can help. Here is a list of 20 linguistics thesis topics that are sure to amaze and inspire your audience. Feel free to borrow and adapt the given issues to craft your own masterpiece.

  1. How Is the Educational System Affected by Diglossia and by the Cohabitation of Several Different Dialects in the same Community?
  2. What Is the Role of Grammatical Structures for Communication in the Madras Dialect of India?
  3. What Function Do the Instrumental and the Ablative Case Have for Communication in Armenian?
  4. How Is Language Used as a Marker of Status in Romance Languages?
  5. How Is Language Used Differently by Men and Women in Narrative Speech?
  6. The Role of Japanese Phonology in the Nativization of Loanwords
  7. Changing Language Patterns among First-Generation Immigrants in the US
  8. The Role of Contrastive Features in Mongolian Vowel Harmony
  9. Changes in Pronominal Clitics in Catalan Dialects Appearing in Isolation
  10. Analysis of Speech Styles of 2nd and 3rd Generation Immigrants
  11. Castilian Spanish Verb Syntax and Its Development Throughout History
  12. The Origin and Role of Linguistic Taboos in American Culture
  13. A Comparison of the Role and Development of Accents in Different Regions of Central America
  14. A Study of the Significance of Metarepresentation Markers in Alaskan Yupik
  15. Linguistic Purism in the English Language: Is It Defensible?
  16. Case Studies Presenting the Various Challenges of Second Language Vowel Acquisition
  17. The Tone System of the Dinka Dialects and How It Reveals Cultural Differences
  18. What Has Contributed to Changes in Sound Patterns in the English Language over Times?
  19. What Are the Implications to the Language and Culture Inherent in Syntactic Theory?
  20. How Has the Language of Professional Blogs Affected Spoken Language?

As you already know, linguistics is an inherently amazing topic, which contains many intriguing questions! Why do we have grammar? How do men and women speak differently, and why? How do people of different social statuses speak differently, and why? What can we learn from the little-known and infrequently studied dialects spoken by small tribes all over the world?  These are the questions that you went into this field to try to answer, and now is your chance to explore them. Finding the answers that you seek is sure to be an exciting and rewarding process.

Don’t be daunted or intimidated if it’s hard to come up with ideas at first. Getting started is often the hardest part. Once you have that perfect thesis statement, nothing will stop you.

And your paper is sure to amaze and inspire your classmates too. Count on it.

20 Linguistics Thesis Topics to Amaze Every Single Person in Class
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