20 Sociology Thesis Topics that Could Change the Person’s Mindset

Sociology Thesis Topics

Sociology is a fascinating subject that has so many avenues to explore. At the end of a course or whole program, you have a chance to choose one to go in-depth in – your thesis. Before anything, you need to choose a topic that you are interested in. When you are involved in the issue you are discovering, you are more likely to achieve the best results.

To get you started on the right track, here is a list of 20 sociology thesis topics for potential use. Think carefully about what you are going to choose because you will need to be invested enough in it to do well!

  1. How Pop Culture Has Changed in the US over the Past Decade
  2. An Analysis of Karl Marx’s Conflict Theory in Education
  3. Class Performance and Teacher Motivation
  4. Peer Pressure and How It Affects the Youth
  5. How Our Cultural Backgrounds Influence Our Life Decisions
  6. The Sociology Behind the War
  7. How the Media Affects Our Perception of World Happenings
  8. A Look at the Amish Community’s Lifestyle in a Modern World
  9. The Sociology of Food
  10. The Link Between Class and Race
  11. What Causes Race Riots?
  12. Patriotism in the USA (or your home country)
  13. How Social Media Has Affected Our Generation
  14. Does Social Media Help Us Be Social?
  15. An Analysis of “Emo” Culture
  16. Sex Education’s Effect on Adolescents
  17. Gender Inequality in Today’s World
  18. Does Fashion Contribute to Gender Inequality?
  19. The Status of Human Trafficking Today
  20. Why Should We All Be Buddhists

These thesis topics can also be used as sociology dissertation topics. Whatever you need them for.

Some of these topics are rather broad and it is easy to ramble on an unorganized fashion. After you have a potential topic chosen, create an outline of what you think you will write about to see if you will have enough to say to meet the paper requirements.

Dissertation topics, sociology related ones, are more than what are here. There are plenty of interesting fields in sociology to discover. These are just some starting points. They may spark some inspiration to a closely related topic that you can explore. Or, you can choose from one of the ones provided.

The key to essay success depends on many things, but the primary factor is the ideas within the paper. Don’t wait until the last minute to get the ball rolling, and remember that you can always ask for help. The first step to your masterpiece is almost done – choose the topic that suits you most, and start writing your ‘A+’ paper.

20 Sociology Thesis Topics that Could Change the Person’s Mindset
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