20 Tourism Thesis Topics That Won’t Leave Anyone Indifferent

Tourism Thesis Topics

Tourism and hospitality studies are more important than most people realize. They enable the foundation of an industry that can make or break certain economies. Tourism leads to lots of jobs and is enjoyed by everyone.

As a tourism major, you know this. The important thing is to share it with others. One way you can do that is to create a thesis paper. A college paper is something that is required for your course, but it can be so much more. It can inform about your point of view and perspective that is important.

To create such a paper, you will need to choose the right topic. For that reason, we have created a list of 20 tourism thesis topics that you can use. This way you will be able to choose something that interests you. Look them over, narrow them down, and pick the best one for you!

  1. Marketing to Different Culture Clientele
  2. Leadership and Development in Rural Tourism
  3. An Analysis of Success in Ecotourism
  4. The Role of Ecotourism in the Modern World
  5. Tourism for Tourism’s Sake
  6. Why We Still Face Racism in Tourism in a Modern Age
  7. Hotel Capacity Issues for Sports Events
  8. How Do Tourism and Social Responsibility Relate?
  9. Tipping in the Tourism Industry: How Workers Make Their Livings
  10. How Tourism Boosts the Local Economy
  11. How to Combine Major Cities and Ecotourism
  12. Dark Tourism: Should It Be Continued?
  13. A Study of How Customers Choose Their Destinations
  14. The Growth of Hostels Over Time
  15. Creating a Tourism Start-up
  16. Travel Agents: From In-Person to Online
  17. Pros and Cons of the Existence of Medical Tourism
  18. Factors That Influence International Students
  19. Perceptions and Attitudes Toward World Heritage Sites
  20. From What Nations Come the Most Exchange Students and How Do They Fare?

The tricky thing about choosing a topic is to make sure that it is one that will draw attention and resonate with people. You will be spending a lot of time drafting and perfecting your paper, so you want it to mean something and go further than the classroom.

All of the above tourism dissertation topics are interesting, but what will give your paper life is your passion for the topic. It will be shown throughout the paper if you are invested or not, so make sure that you are!

Some of these topics are very broad, while others give more direction. Either way, it’s up to you to mold and shape the topic to create a well-written and developed essay.

If you want to hack it on your own, that’s fine too! All the power to you! Writing a dissertation is hard and we wish you the best of luck. Make sure to proofread your paper before handing it in. And one last tip about topics: discuss the issues you would like to cover with your friends to see which is the most interesting to them!

20 Tourism Thesis Topics That Won’t Leave Anyone Indifferent
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