How to Write a Perfect Essay

The question of how to write a perfect essay appears merely every time a student collides with a task of essay writing. For centuries, students have remained in search for a way to elude the prolonged dismay of writing a thesis statement, developing persuasive arguments, and summarizing the mentioned points. In fact, the task of how to write a perfect essay may become an easily feasible one if a person familiarizes him/herself with some general rules of writing an essay.

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The Rules of Writing an Introduction

To start with, an introduction is considered to be a so-called “entrance” to an essay, that is why, it apparently demands careful and thoughtful writing. The aim of an introduction is dual due to the fact that it should both “hook” the reader and introduce the theme of the paper. The first objective is accomplished through writer’s originality and the ability to present a topic in such a way to engage the reader from the very beginning. As for the second one, it refers to a thesis statement, a viewpoint that the writer has to prove further presenting his or her analysis and evidence. As a rule, a successful thesis statement tends to be preceded by a complete understanding of an essay question and an accurate research.

The Rules of Writing a Main Body

The clue for writing a perfect main body is the maintenance of a proper structure and persuasive debates. One could achieve this only balancing his or her arguments and supporting them with appropriate evidence. This means that it is important to demonstrate the topic from different viewpoints as well as to confirm each proclamation with a proof. Moreover, one should avoid being superfluous writing the arguments due to the fact that the body information can involve only relevant and concise facts. Everything written in a body of a perfect essay aims at serving the objective to notify and convince. Besides, an evident excessiveness in details and too vague language may create an impression of an attempt to fill in the space and increase the word count.

The Rules of Writing a Conclusion

Definitely, a perfect essay also has to involve an appropriate impressive conclusion. The latter implies a brief summary of the already stated viewpoint and a possible direction for future actions in the terms of the topic development. Generally speaking, a conclusion is an intended rewriting of a thesis statement. Therefore, it is advisable to ascertain that there is no contradiction between the first and the last paragraph. Certainly, one should remember that conclusion cannot express any new thoughts because of its summarizing nature. Yet, it could be as catchy as an introduction, taking into consideration that it is the last opportunity for the writer to make the desired impression.

In conclusion, writing a perfect essay used to be an undefeated task for generations of students. The majority of them desires to avoid any sorts of “essay torture,” including the formulation of a thesis statement, finding the arguments, and writing the ending. However, the task can appear as a simple one for a person aware of the rules of writing an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

How to Write a Perfect Essay
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