15 Economic Dissertation Topics even Kainz and Smith Would Find Exciting

The field of economics is one that has its uses in every aspect of an individual’s life which makes it one of the broadest subjects one can choose to major in. But once that choice is made, the responsibility of successfully setting and passing the needed exams as well as writing an excellent dissertation is yours. This makes it important to research ideas for the development of economics dissertation topics.

These ideas for choosing dissertation topics in economics cover all aspects of our society—business, finance, law etc.

15 Stellar Ideas for Your Economic Dissertation

  1. An Analysis of the Business Relationships Between the West and Developing Nations with Focus on Providing Solutions to Help Developing Nations Gain More
  2. The Role of Globalism in Trade and Analyzing Their Benefits or Disadvantages to the Economies of Participating Nations
  3. Analyzing the Role of Exclusivism and Its Effects on the Economy of Nations
  4. A Study on The Roles of International Trade Sanctions and Their Effects on the Economy, Standard Of Living and Psychology of the Individuals in Affected Nations
  5. A Study of Online Fraud Perpetrated by Individuals from Developing Nations and Its Contribution to the GDP of the Nation Hosting these Individuals
  6. A Study of the Effects of Online Fraud and the Financial and Psychological Damage It Causes
  7. Analyzing the Role of Religion in the Economies of Nations Applying the Tenets of Their Religion to Matters of Finance and Economics
  8. A Study of the Microeconomic Activities That Occur in 3rd World Nations And How They Have Allowed Individuals in These Communities Achieving Some Form of Financial Stability
  9. An In-depth Analysis of Monopoly and Its Effects on the Economy of Developing Nations
  10. An In-depth Analysis of the Dissolution of The Rockefeller Oil Monopolies
  11. The Rise of Online Trade and How the Ease in Which It Allows Individuals Manipulate Their Tax Filings Can Affect the Growth of an Economy
  12. Understanding the Role Cryptocurrencies Play in Today’s Economic Situation and Its Future Roles Using Predictive Analysis
  13. A Research Using Game Theory to Analyse the Crypto Currency Trend and Its Future Effects on Economies Who Either Recognises Or Do Not Recognise It
  14. The Economics of the Illegal Drug Market With a Focus on How Demand Drives the Current Situation
  15. A Study on How Corruption in African Nations Creates an Environment for Natural Monopolies

These dissertation topics in economics can be used by students of any level.

15 Economic Dissertation Topics even Kainz and Smith Would Find Exciting
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