15 Management Thesis Topics MBA Graduates Would Approve

15 Management Thesis Topics MBA Graduates Would Approve

Are you a student of project management or any other management course? And is the task of getting a topic for your dissertation in management proving to be too difficult? Then look no further than this article for inspiration when searching for dissertation topic ideas in business management. The ideas here are provided for M.Sc. students and cover the variety of topics that you will find helpful.

The ideas below cover international management, dissertation topics in project management, dissertation topics in business management etc. These ideas also touch on the niche of construction management to help students in this field come up with great thesis topics in management.

15 Management Thesis Topics for MBA

  1. A Case Study on the Importance of Mapping In Project Management And How It Can Be Used To Solve Complex Problems in the Construction FIeld
  2. A Study on How an Understanding of the Tenets of Project Management Can Play a Role in Sanitizing Contract Law and Its Application By Governmental Organizations
  3. The Role of Emerging Technology in Advancing the Field of Management
  4. A Case Study on How Integrating Building Information Management (BIM) in Construction Projects Can Simplify Tasks to Be Carried out by Everyone Executing the Project
  5. A Case Study on the Eurocode 7, its Implementation and How it Has Enhanced Project Management in the Public Sector
  6. An Analysis of Traditional Collaborative Techniques as a Tool of Simplifying Management Processes: How the Integration of BIM Has Elevated The Status Quo
  7. A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Computer-Aided Design Platforms with BIM Capabilities in Managing Projects against the Use of Telephone Lines and Regular Communication Channels
  8. A Study on Enterprise’s Relationship Management Tools and How They Have Been Applied Internationally to Ease the Barriers Blocking International Transactions
  9. A Comparative Study on How the European Union Trade Policies Have Enhanced Collaboration Among Participating Nations and How the Brexit Will Affect Management Jobs and Processes
  10. Making a Case for the Integration of BIM Technology to Ease the Management Difficulties Experienced by Construction Businesses in the Developing World
  11. Analyzing the Role Cloud Computing Will Play in Enhancing Modern Project Management Operations.
  12. Analyzing the Impact Of Robotics on The Field Of Project Management and the Difficulties Human Managers Will Face in The Future
  13. A Study on Additive Manufacturing and the Role Project Managers will Play in Enhancing its Practice in Large Corporations
  14. Analyzing the Lean Concept in Manufacturing: How Project Management Can Be Beneficial to the Lean Processes
  15. Making a Case for Integrating Changes in the Health Care Governmental Policies with the Strategical Plans of the Commercial Health Care Institutions

Choose several original business management topics from this list and let your supervisor help you to define the most suitable one for you.

15 Management Thesis Topics MBA Graduates Would Approve
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