Management Dissertation Topics for Grad Students


The journey every business or finance management student undergoes to bag his or her certification generally ends with writing a dissertation. And in this final hurdle, the knowledge you have acquired through the years you spent studying the subject of management, will come into play as you write your final paper. Thereby it makes choosing a topic for thesis one of the most important tasks you must conquer before becoming the proud bearer of a Bachelor’s degree in management.

As expected, every dissertation starts with a topic for Ph.D. in management and most universities including yours, expects you to do the work of coming up with an adequate list of Ph.D. topics in management for the most important academic paper you will ever write. So are you feeling the pressure? Has your brain run out of ideas? If yes, we would like to ease your fears by providing 20 insightful ideas for Ph.D. thesis topics in management.

20 Management Dissertation Topics

  1. A Study on the Three Levels Of Management and Their Relevance in Start-up Cultures With a View on Determining If Keeping These Levels Is Beneficial To Small Businesses
  2. The Role of Communication in Defining Marketing Strategies across All Tiers Of a Business Organization with a Focus on Senior Managers’ Communication Strategies
  3. A Study on the Importance of Both Human Capital And Financial Resources to the Stability of a Business
  4. A Study on the Role of Modern Business Managers Compared to the Role Managers Play in More Traditional Business Environments
  5. A Study on the Role of CEO in Establishing the Basics of Corporate Culture and Its Promotion
  6. The Six Functions of Management: Forecasting, Planning, Organizing, Commanding, Coordinating and Controlling, and How Startups Can Successfully Integrate Them
  7. The Impact of Virtual Customer Relationship Solutions and How They Have Provided a Measure of Real-time Customer Management for Businesses
  8. The Different Ways to Introduce Staff to a Company’s Vision and Goals
  9. How the Startup Culture Is Changing the Theories of Business Management As Interpreted in the 19th and Early 20th Century
  10. The Different Ways to Implement the 4 Stages of Leadership into the Operation of a Small Group
  11. A Study of the Male/Female Dynamics and How the Leadership of a Member of the Opposite Sex Affects The Performance Of Both Sexes
  12. A Study on the Importance For Business Managers to Develop Alternate Plans When Working on New Strategies in Order To Handle Failure
  13. An Analysis of Outsourcing and its Advantages or Disadvantages in terms of the Global Workforce
  14. An Analysis Of the Rise Of the Virtual Working Environment and the Challenges It Brings to the Field of Business Management
  15. The Importance of Incentives As a Motivating Factor: Study on How Business Managers Can Motivate a Workforce without Financial Incentives
  16. An Insight into the Angel Investment Culture and Their Benefits or Disadvantages to the Running Of Business
  17. A Study on the Differences Between Japanese and Chinese Corporate Culture
  18. A Study on Digital Marketing and How Today’s Business Managers View Social Media Marketing
  19. A Study on Insider Trading Among Top Management Staff And Their Effect in Hampering or Enhancing Growth
  20. A Study on Business Ventured Initiated by CEO’s and the Ways of Their Most Efficient Confirmation with Stakeholders

Use this list for inspiration when searching for a Ph.D. dissertation topic in management.

Management Dissertation Topics for Grad Students
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