5 Easy Ways to Come Up with a Thesis Topic

There’s nothing new under the Sun and students looking for the easy way out when tasked with a challenging assignment or tasks is something that will continue till the end of time. This post will focus on coming up with thesis topic ideas without going through too much stress or conducting extensive researches.

So like the title suggests, here you will find some of the efficient ways you can go about finding unique, easy thesis topic without expending too much energy. So why not pull up your seat while we are taking you through these rather interesting steps?

 Understanding the Past Paves the Way to the Future

In this situation, coming up with easy thesis topics is hinged on your ability to conduct a quick research about the past. The past here means looking up thesis from the graduates and alumni who have passed through the course or faculty you are currently participating in. Although the list of topics you will find may be dated due to advances in your field, updating these ideas to meet your particular modern day requirements should definitely be a walk in the park.

Getting Your Supervisor or Favourite Lecturer to Pick one for You

What is the use of a lecturer, supervisor or an academic mentor if he or she can’t help you come up with one or two ideas for your thesis? Tap into the abundant wisdom these academic elders have to spare by simply asking certain questions that will nudge them to tell you what they think about writing a thesis for your course.

Banding Ideas with Colleagues

You know that brilliant student in your class who always seems to have new ideas or know all the answers? Then why not leverage on this person’s apparent understanding of your subject matter and pick his or her brains on the different ideas they might consider working on for their thesis.

Picking Your Own Brains

The best work you or anyone will ever do is one that strikes something deep in our minds. Therefore, one of the best ways to come up with dissertation topics is to actually consider writing on the topics that truly resonates with you. With this method, you do not need to worry about plagiarism, finding the energy to start working on your project or how well you will do.

Surfing the Internet Using Right Keywords

The internet is the largest repository of knowledge you can find on any topic and come up with a dissertation topic is no different. Just conduct a Google search with the right keywords and a plethora of articles covering your subject will immediately pop out.

So here you have it. The five easiest ways you can go about coming up with a topic for your dissertation.


5 Easy Ways to Come Up with a Thesis Topic
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