20 Topics for Dissertation in International Relations

International Relations Thesis Topics

The ability to understand how countries operate has always played a role in determining how nations relate to each other. Students from the diverse social science disciplines can be tasked with writing a thesis on international relations. As expected, the first step to getting such a task completed is coming up with an adequate international relations thesis topic that will define the entire nature of your work. Here, 20 interesting international dissertation topics will be outlined below to help simplify the overall task of a writing a thesis.

20 International Relations Thesis Topics

  1. Analyzing the Importance of a Society’s Culture in Determining the Role It Plays on a Global Scale
  2. Discussing the Impact of Different Religious Beliefs in Defining a Nation’s Foreign Policy and its Interaction with the World
  3. Scrutinizing the Role of International Organizations in Helping Diverse Nations Develop Positive Relationships
  4. Analyzing the Role of Language, Customs and Beliefs in Defining the International Policies a Country Adopts
  5. Scrutinizing the Refugee Crisis in the Middle East and the Role International Relations between Arab Countries has Played
  6. A Research on Sino-African Relations and the Prominent Role China Has Undertaken in Modern Times
  7. An Analysis of Ancient Greece, Its Foreign Policies and Its Effect on the Surrounding States
  8. An Overview of NATO and its Effects on the Relationship Between Member States and Russia.
  9. An Economic Analysis of Britain’s break from the European Union and Its Effects on the European Continent
  10. Scrutinizing the Importance of a Continental Currency to Trade and how one could Aid Africa’s Economies
  11. The Interpretation of Public Law, International Policies and Their Role in Aiding or Shielding Criminals from a Country’s Laws.
  12. An Analysis of Foreign Interventions on a State’s Political Processes and its Effects
  13. Scrutinizing the Qatar International Relationship Crisis and Discussing the Solutions to Eliminating Future Political Issues
  14. An Analysis on the Importance of Trade, Sports and Competition Between States as a means to Building Lasting Relationships
  15. A Critical Analysis of the Relationship Between the Developing World and the West: Co-Dependency or Exploitation?
  16. An Analysis of BRIC Countries, the Economic Benefits of This Union and Its Relationship with the African States
  17. A Critical Look at the Weapons Trade and Its Effects on the Relationship Between Buyers and Sellers
  18. An Analysis of the China/Hong Kong Relationship to Implementing it in Gaza
  19. The Importance of Building Political Relationships as Critical Means to Fostering Peace
  20. The Difference in the External Policies of Republican and Democratic Secretaries of State

Here we come to the end of today’s international relationship dissertation topics that touch on a variety of subject matters you can consider basing your research on.

20 Topics for Dissertation in International Relations
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