5 Timely Tips to Finding Interesting Thesis Topics

Interesting Thesis Topics

Can writing a dissertation be an interesting exercise? And can the final draft of your thesis be something everyone would love to read? For most people, the answer to both questions will be no, for they believe every thesis must be written with absolute technicality which leaves no room for anything else. But there are other options to deal with this challenge. Writing an interesting thesis is possible and getting it right starts with developing interesting dissertation topics for which you can comfortably draft something unique, impressive and mind-blowing. Therefore, to put you in the right mood for drafting an original and captivating thesis, we have prepared some tips to help you find topics that will set the entire tone for your dissertation.

5 Tips on Choosing an Interesting Thesis Topic

Conduct a Research in your Chosen Area

Finding a topic to write about always involves some effort from your end. Therefore, to come up with greats thesis topic ideas, you can start by researching three of the best thesis completed by students from the previous year. Once you have gotten your hands on these projects, your task is to comb through the information in them and:

  • Write down every question they raise in your head;
  • Write down questions the writer stated as “in need of further research.”

Prune Your List

Now that you have come up with some interesting questions in your field that need to be answered, the next step is picking the most viable questions and putting them into another list to avoid confusion. You should simply:

  • Crosscheck questions with similar patterns that occur in the different thesis you peruse;
  • Research and find out the number of academic bodies interested in receiving answers to these issues.

Organize Your List

Next, go through the second shortlisted questions with the aim of discovering if a common theme can be found among the shortlisted issues. If your research is well done, you will find some common thread of thought which can be put together to form the basis of your research.

Remove Not Fitting Questions

Once you have merged the appropriate questions, you are close to your goal of getting interesting thesis topics for your project. Therefore, at this stage, you do not need to entertain any second guesses on your work. This means the questions that did not make the cut need to go. Simply delete as you fit.

Formulate Interesting Dissertation Topics

Here you come to the end of your research for an interesting thesis topic. At this stage, all you are required to do is formulate a coherent question or topic that will serve as the basis for your entire research. Submit these topics to your supervisor, and you will be good to go. Here we come to the end of our 5 timely tips on finding interesting thesis topics. You are welcome to try them out, and we guarantee that the results will amaze you.

5 Timely Tips to Finding Interesting Thesis Topics
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