How to Write an Essay

In the present days, it is important for the people to have specific knowledge on how to write an essay to develop the skills of the formal writing and advance the academic progress. As a point of fact, an essay is a genre of written work in which the author reflects on the ever heard, read, or experienced events. The content of essay is mainly evaluated by the author’s identity, as well as his or her feelings, attitudes, and opinions. Thus, because the writing of essay is required in the variety of educational programs, it is important for the individuals to know how to write an essay efficiently and correctly.

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The Key Elements of the Essay

First of all, to write the persuasive essay, it is necessary to choose the topic of writing and research it thoroughly and accurately. At the same time, it is important to analyze the information related to the topic and brainstorm the key ideas arising during the stage of information gathering. Moreover, the construction of the thesis statement is probably one of the most significant steps of the essay writing since it serves as the powerful indicator of the main idea of the whole composition. In essence, a thesis statement is usually narrow and accurate sentence included in the introduction paragraph that focuses on both the topic of the essay and the key ideas that would be covered. Furthermore, each body paragraph should also have the topic sentence that aims to cover the key insights connected with one accurate idea of each paragraph. Thus, it is necessary to make the topic sentences of the essay as relevant as possible.

The Characteristics of the Essay

The traditional essay always involves three parts, such as introduction, body, and conclusion. At the same time, the essay should always be coherent, organized, and easily comprehensible. It is also necessary to avoid colloquial or informal writing, thus, it is better not to use contractions or abbreviations in the essays. In turn, it is recommended to use the transitional words in order to make the essay more reasoned and coherent. Additionally, the writer should always be concentrated on the topic of the essay and should not use the unclear or vague language. The individuals who want to make their essays flawless and corresponding should remember that an excellent composition usually has a good structure, clearly presented ideas, correct grammar and spelling, peer-reviewed references, and is free of plagiarism. Essentially, plagiarism occurs when a writer takes the work or ideas of another person and presents them as his or her own. Therefore, plagiarism is forbidden in the academic environment.

The Significance of the Essay Writing

Finally, it is important to make sure that all sentences of the composition are complete and have the proper structure, as well as that all issues covered in the thesis statement are adequately addressed in the essay. All in all, the writing of the essay is quite a complex process that requires from the writer much time and efforts, but, at the same time, has a number of positive outcomes, such as the development of writing proficiency and the improvement of the formal writing skills.

How to Write an Essay
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