How to Write a University Essay

There is no doubt that every student should know how to write a university essay. As such, at university, the learning of the students is usually assessed mostly through written work. In this respect, it is crucial to note that at university, various kinds of essays are one of the most frequent writing assignments. Essays are an essential and integral element of the educational process because they are a perfect way of evaluating students’ thinking potential and skills. Therefore, it is of particular importance for students to be aware of how to write a university essay.

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An Argument as the Foundation of an Essay

An academic essay is a piece of writing which represents and reveals an argument that follows from the current research. An argument is composed of a thesis statement, which allocates the main points and should be written at the end of the introduction. The thesis statement is considered to be the most important clause in a university essay. It can be stated that a thesis statement always declares something and is a kind of description of what an essay will explore as it explains the overall position of the work in response to the given task.

Composing the Introduction

As a matter of fact, the primary purpose of an essay is to persuade the reader that the main argument is intellectually reasonable. The introduction should grasp attention and interest the reader to read the essay. This element of a university essay should also state which aspects of the subject the author intend to deal with and why. Finally, the introduction should involve a detailed and precise map of the essay’s content, as well as include a statement of the position of the writer.

The Structure of the Paragraphs and Main Points

A university essay should include several paragraphs which contribute to establishing of the primary purpose. As such, paragraphs are the core and composing elements of such kind of written works. Paragraphs of the essay should outline the main points mentioned in the introduction. In academic writing, paragraphs usually elaborate, explain, and support the main idea of an essay. Eventually, paragraphs go from the general to the specific, in order to refine the overall understanding of the topic by the readers.

Conclusion, Plagiarism, and Referencing

A good university essay should contain a conclusion which restates the main argument, reminds several essential points which provide the support for the main argument, and finally, logically end an essay. A university essay should be free of plagiarism and in the case when the student uses a material of another author, it is mandatory to make a reference in the text and give the full information in the bibliography. It is crucial always to credit t the original author because in another case, the instructor may think that the student is trying to cheat. Eventually, in order to complete an essay, at the end of the work, it is needed to provide a full list of the used sources – a bibliography.

How to Write a University Essay
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