How to Write Research Proposal

Knowing how to write research proposal is an integral part of one’s college and university education since it serves as a basic element of writing research papers. This element of the educational process is necessary for every student, as it allows acquiring several important skills that can become quite helpful not only during one’s studies but also during professional career. When one becomes acknowledged of how to write research proposal, he or she learns basics of how to identify the subject of study, plan the future projects, and gather relevant information.

notebook on a deskIn the modern educational system, a research proposal is a necessary element for a student to start working on his or her research paper. This is considered as a beginning stage of conducting an investigation, and professors usually pay significant attention to explaining their students the significant role of this work. Unfortunately, most of them usually misunderstand what a research proposal actually means and disregard the initial purpose of such an assignment. To accomplish this type of work, one should realize the specific features regarding the process of writing a proposal for a research paper, become acknowledged of its structure, and define the ideas for the future research paper in advance.

Writing a research proposal provides the students with a number of specific skills that mainly include:

  • Developing one’s skills about conducting a well-organized research study;
  • Learning specific approaches of conducting thoughtful literature reviews to analyze existing materials regarding the selected field of interest;
  • Improving general writing skills;
  • Distinguishing the specific actions to perform to address the purpose of assignment;
  • Examining various methods related to researching and reviewing data touching the subject of investigation.

The next step to take while working on the paper is associated with learning the basics of its structure since the ability to follow these requirements allows getting a high mark. Usually, a research proposal consists of a few concrete sections:

    • Introduction

The student identifies the main problem, the related topic and its significance, and the methods he or she is going to use during this research.

    • Background and Significance

The student can include this part into the introduction section as well as create a separate one. He or she is supposed to explain the main idea of the work and that of the further research paper so the readers would operate all the information on the topic.

    • Literature Review

This section includes the author’s review of the prior studies relating to the subject of the research and introduces his or her perception of these materials.

    • Research Design and Methods

The author is supposed not only to state the basic research design and describe the methodology he or she is going to use but also to convince the reader that these elements will address the problem in-depth.

    • Preliminary Suppositions and Implications

Arguing how and in what specific ways the writer believes extending existing knowledge regarding the subject of the study is the core purpose of this part that should focus on theories and practices described by the writer.

    • Conclusion

In this part, the author reiterates the significance of the research and provides a summary of the aforementioned points.

    • Citation

This is the final part of the assignment, in which the writer cites sources he or she used to conduct the paper.

As a writer you should remember that writing a strong research proposal requires a complete understanding of the problem, so he or she should pay specific attention to the subject of research in order to consider the most affordable question to investigate.

How to Write Research Proposal
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